June 21st, 2008

I Sampled Your Thoughts and Broke Them A Part - A Spiritual Riddle

5 Stages of Grief - Depression

Photo courtesy of COCOMARIPOSA and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Like a thief at night, I entered your heart

I sampled your thoughts and broke them apart

I pulled up a veil to cover your joy

I enlisted The Negative Army to aid and employ

More negative intities to arrest your light

And make all days seem dark, although they are bright

My army of entities brought blind folds and rope

To bind all your joy and blind all your hope

Because you are not smart as you thought you were

You forgot your reality, thus I became your connoisseur

I simply awaited for that dark dismal, yet really bright day

When life was fine; thus you forgot to be thankful and pray

When all of a sudden in your mist of content

I snuck into your mind, Oh! not by sheer accident

For my purpose was to vanquish all optomist from your mind

To leave you deserted, lost, humbled and blind

What seemed happy and wonderful now seems so bleak

What you craved on yesterday, you don't even seek

You can not foresee another sunshine tomorrow

For your forcast is shadowed by self sadness and sorrow

But if you really look at the blessings bestowed upon life

You would vanish me quickly; dismiss the false strife

Realize the reality of beauty and light

Know that nothing is more important than the love for your life

But the repetitive thoughts, and high walls of oppression

Sustain only a dismal past and no future possession.

Of the happines and love you once grasped so well

By the absense of love; this is your earthly hell

And melancholic thoughts and memories have become an obsession

You ask who am I to be so evil? I am the deadly spirit of Depression.

~By CordieB.


The phenominal art displayed at the top of this post was created by a very talented artist, COCOMARIPOSA and is titled, "The Five Stages of Grief (Depression #4)" The series is very creative; I suggest you visit.

Symtoms of Depression are:
  • persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" mood;

  • feelings of hopelessness and pessimism;

  • feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and helplessness;

  • loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that were once enjoyed, including sex;

  • decreased energy and fatigue;

  • nervousness or sluggishness;

  • difficulty concentrating, remembering, and making decisions;

  • insomnia, early-morning awakening, or oversleeping;

  • appetite and/or weight loss, or overeating and weight gain;

  • thoughts of death or suicide;

  • suicide attempts;

  • restlessness and irritability; and

  • persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment, such as headaches, digestive disorders, and chronic pain.

  • If you or a love one is experiencing symtoms of depression, I strongly suggest that you seek medical attention because usually by the time we realize our depressed state, we are in need of at least a temporary boost to get our brain chemicals back on track. If you believe you can handle this yourself, please try to talk to someone and of course embrace your spiritual self.

    I have found spirituality to be a profound cure for depression; however, spirituality is a personal choice - and in states of depression, normally we are incapable of allowing the light to shine without help. But once back on track; I have found spirituality, as in embracing love, to be the best preventive measure known. The following are a few web sites that you may want to visit if you feel you are experiencing grief or depression:


    I've provided inertia to win wars !!! - A Spiritual Riddle

    Photo derived from Showee and is licensed under a creative commons.

    I was born long ago on a distant hillside by a beautiful shade tree

    Or perhaps by a river under the sunset or on a sandy beach with a deep blue sea

    I was created in bliss to demolish man's selfish ways and give an alternate view of their false reality.

    I was born in the eyes of a man and a woman; perchance Venus and Mars, or perhaps Adam and Eve.

    Their first glances into each other's translucent eyes released my spirit; set me free!

    I gave them the spirit to bring forth life to new generations through each other;

    I disguised the pain of intercourse into intense pleasure; oh! how they clung to each other!

    I extended great cacoethes and courage like none they had ever known.

    They actually wanted to help each other though all obstacles and life's unknown!

    I masked their selfishness so they would work together to overcome universal elements;

    I was borne to enable them to combine there strengths; forget self-discriminates;

    But I had been contained so long, that I lost control, as soon as their glances set me free.

    I easily took over these poor humans' hearts and minds and completely distorted their reality;

    I wanted to test them and myself to see just how far I could take them; how strong I could be.

    I found that I was limited by my father, time, and my mother, space, they soon tamed and admonished me!

    Even today, my badness feels so good, it releases euphoric dopamine;

    My power so intoxicating - I can be your worst enemy or your best friend;

    My tales are so captivating, I can make a wrong man do right and a right woman do wrong.

    So addictive is my essence, I can make one come home early or stay out all night long. (whew!)

    Few have been able to resist me - once my flowery, opium-fragrant mist is inhaled;

    I'm so irresistible - there are very few obstacles for which I can't prevail;

    I've provided inertia to win wars, climb mountains; cross many lands and seas;

    I have the venomous poison of a serpent and the sweet sting of a thousand honeybees!

    (oh my!)

    I'm the secret to the fountain of youth; yet my fountain can be limited;

    By the humdrum of ennui , my aforementioned parents and familiarity unlimited;

    I build a tolerance of such - it takes more of me to keep my victims high;

    Until I'm simply not enough to keep my subjects flying wildly into unlimited skies;

    So they shed their wings and suddenly they fall from sister grace that kept them suspended;

    In the clouds of unlimited possiblities. Sadly, their glorious illusionary trip has ended.

    But if you're smart or lucky, you'll invite my oldest sister, love, into your heart;

    She's intelligent and compassionate, reality and illusion she easily distinguishes apart.

    She embodies strength that's enduring, though more supbtle than my dying passion;

    She's not a trend; she's got class and opulence- her style is never out of fashion.

    But if ever you need me to cultivate your desires, rejuvinate your passion, and negate your trust -

    Close your eyes, take me in; devour me; but remember! in a few seasons I will turn into star dust;

    Hopefully my loving and gracious sisters will save you from the emptiness I'll leave upon your yearning bust;

    I am the young, beautiful, and captivating, yet short lived sister of grace and love; I am ...

    Collapse )

     By CordieB.