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Friday Photo with Flickr


Happy Mother's Day!

To see this weeks photos in the larger size, simply click on the image. As you can see, my page design does not allow for large prints.

I never knew taking a picture of myself could be so difficult! I couldn't get a good smile going - because as you might guess, I had a serious tude at the time. So, I engaged in some self-theraphy by writing my ideas on the cover of the flickr toy, Magazine. It worked! I feel much better now!

Please click on these links to see everyone eles’s beautiful photo’s displaying self portrait with flickr toy"

Curious State of Affairs


Just for fun

Curious C

Sky Windows


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Conscious Provoking Souls

The Key to Life

Photo Courtesy of Brittlestar

Nia had been prepared to inherit the wise woman's book. The old woman was the salvation and the backbone of the entire villiage. She was wise. She was loved. But she had become too old to carry out her duties. In return for twenty-two years of training, Nia was to inherit the old woman's key to life. The ceremony was long. The people were many. The responsibility was great. Nea was prepared. She was eager to get started. She believed the book would reveal the answers to all of life's questions. It required two strong men to carry the book to her chamber. When they placed it on her table, she quickly waved them away. The book was solid gold, trimmed with emeralds, rubies and sapphires. In the middle of the front cover sat a seven-carat diamond. Nia's heart was pounding. Her mouth had gone dry. With her eyes closed, she fondled the cover of the book. The time had come to open it. She was about to learn life's secret. She opened the middle of the book. She looked down at the page. Nia had inherited a book of mirrors.

From, Acts of Faith, Iyanla Vanzant

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